Date of birth astrology calculator

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For this, you can also use free natal wheel chart which is equally helpful. Western Astrology chart is also popular as natal chart. A correct preparation of the Natal chart holds a paramount importance in order to get the perfect readings and predictions.

The chart prepared by this software calculates the positions of the Sun, moon and all the planets to an exact degree. The accurate time of birth and place of birth are very vital for the calculation of the precise degree of the signs that are rising or setting which are called as angles.

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Angles arerequired to mark the position of twelve houses in your natal chart. So, what are you waiting for? Utilize this platform free of cost from Birthastro.

Zodiac Sign Calculator

This software will prepare a wheel graphic based western astrology natal chart, providing you an interpretation of your personality and positioning of Sun, Moon and planets. You will be able to get a fair idea of your personality and influence of planet combinations on your approach and life. The prediction from this software will be purely based on the birth chart prepared after you input your birth details. To create a birth chart, you must give accurate data and birth chart selection must be done accordingly.

The interactive word refers to the connection between individuals.

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The interactive birth chart refers to the compatibility of the different types of relationships, like a parent-child relationship, romantic relationship, etc. This is also used for match-making of the couple according to their houses, point and zodiac symbols. In this category, many profiles of the opposite sex are shown for match-making. This is a really positive and useful category because it shows the profile of an individual to the whole world or country.

Best Free Natal Birth Chart Calculator by Date of Birth

It also opens a lot of options for a single person. Home Appointment Services About Contact. Follow Us :. Western Astrology Western astrology is a design of prediction established for the development of a horoscope for a definite minute, such as an individual's birth. Birth Details. Here is the Zodiac sign calculator.

Moon Sign Calculator

Fill in the form with your birth time year, month, day, and time and the city where you were born. Then press the button Get Your Zodiac Sign.

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The wheel will turn until the arrow is at the right spot. The Zodiac sign calculator is based on contemporary astronomical formulas of celestial mechanics.

I have compared the results with those given by astronomical sources, such as the ephemeris of The Astronomical Almanac , as well as with a few advanced astrological horoscope calculation programs. The test runs showed that this Zodiac sign calculator is quite accurate to the hundredth of a degree, which is why the result is rounded off to the decimal.

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In that rounding off, though, there is no change of Zodiac sign allowed. That means This is done not to result in the wrong Zodiac sign given in the result. Your Zodiac sign is the position of the sun in the Zodiac circle at the time of your birth, as seen from earth. That perspective is called geocentric.

Please Enter Birth Details

But of course, the earth moves around the sun, not the other way around. The diameter of the sun as seen from earth is half a degree, but its position is given for the center of it. That is why you should know not only your sign, but the degree within that sign.

So, I hope you find this tool useful for your further understanding of astrology and the meaning of your Zodiac sign. There are countless Zodiac sign calculators on the world wide web, but many of them are not at all trustworthy. If you have used another calculator to ascertain your Zodiac sign, please consider the following:.

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date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator
date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator
date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator
date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator
date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator
date of birth astrology calculator Date of birth astrology calculator

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